Many rituals and festivals are held at the shrine in all season s. These rituals and festivals are based on long-held traditions from the past. Nikku-sai is a daily ritual where sacred foods are offered to the deities to pray for the local peopleʼs safety and well-being during the day. Tsukinami-sai is held twice a month to pray for peace, prosperity and the safety of the nation. The most important ritual event of Futaarayama Jinja is Rei-sai (or Akiyama-sai) held to give thanks for the divine virtues of the deity on October 21st. Rei-sai began in 940, during a visit of thanks by Fujiwara-no-Hidesato to the sh rine for victory in the Rebellion of Taira-no-Masakado. Following Rei-sai, Kikusui-sai is held on the last weekend of October. These traditional matsuri are still very important to the people of the town as they bring a lively energy to the community.


Jan. 1 Saitan-sai
Jan. 3 Genshi-sai
Jan. 7 Showa-Tenno-sai Yohai
Jan. 11 Ichi Jinja Hatsuichi-sai
Jan. 13 Matsuo Jinja Rei-sai
Jan. 15 Otariya (Mikoshi-togyo)
Jan. 19 Tsukinami-sai
Jan. 28 Eidai Daidai Kagura Kito-sai
Feb. 1 Tsukinami-sai
Feb. 1 Ichi Jinja Hanaichi-sai
Setsubun (Early Feb.) Yakunan-shojo Kitoko-sai
Feb. 11 Kigen-sai
Feb. 17 Kinen-sai
Feb. 19 Tsukinami-sai
First Day of Uma Hattatsu Inari Jinja Hatsuuma Taisai
Mar. 1 Tsukinami-sai
Mar. 15 Jussha Rei-sai
Mar. 19 Tsukinami-sai
Vernal Equinox Vernal Koreisai Yohai
Apr. 1 Tsukinami-sai
Apr. 3 Jimmu Tenno-sai Yohai
Apr. 11 Hananoe-sai
Apr. 19 Togoku Gojitei Kinen-sai
Apr. 19 Shimonomiya Togoku Gojitei Kinen-sai
Apr. 29 Showa-sai
May 1 Tsukinami-sai
May 15 Tamai-sai
May 19 Tsukinami-sai
May 28 Eidai Daidai Kagura Kito-sai
Jun. 1 Tsukinami-sai
Jun. 1 Toshogu Rei-sai
Jun. 15 Suga Jinja Rei-sai
Jun. 15 Ichi Jinja Rei-sai
Jun. 15 Ara Jinja Rei-sai
Jun. 15 Kengu Rei-sai
Jun. 19 Tsukinami-sai
Jun. 30 Oharai-shiki
(Chinowa-kuguri Shinji)
Jul. 1 Tsukinami-sai
Jul. 15 – 20 Suga Jinja Tenno-sai (Mikoshi-togyo)
Jul. 19 Tsukinami-sai
Aug. 1 Tsukinami-sai
Aug. 4 Sugawara Jinja Rei-sai
Aug. 19 Tsukinami-sai
Aug. 27 Kisami Bunshi Rei-sai
Sep. 1 Tsukinami-sai
Sep. 15 Junisha Rei-sai
Sep. 19 Tsukinami-sai
Autumnal Equinox Autumnal Koreisai Yohai
Sep. 28 Eidai Daidai Kagura Kito-sai
Oct. 1 Tsukinami-sai
Oct. 17 Kanname Hoshuku-sai
Oct. 19 Tsukinami-sai
Oct. 11 Rei-sai (Akiyama-sai)
Oct. 21 Shimonomiya Rei-sai
Oct. 22 Nyotaigu Rei-sai
Last weekend Kikusui-sai
Nov. 1 Tsukinami-sai
Nov. 3 Meiji-sai
Nov. 19 Tsukinami-sai
Nov. 23 Niiname-sai
Dec. 1 Tsukinami-sai
Dec. 15 Otariya (Mikoshi-togyo)
Dec. 19 Tsukinami-sai
Dec. 20 Susuharai-shiki
Dec. 31 Oharai-shiki
Dec. 31 Joya-sai